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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychological treatment that has been demonstrated to be highly effective for a range of concerns, including anxiety disorders, depression, impulsivity and conduct problems, habit control, marital and family issues, and eating disorders.


The CBT approach focuses on artfully challenging and changing the automatic negative thoughts and responses which worsen emotional struggles by contributing to worry, hopelessness, obsessional thinking, panic, etc.  


Changes in habitual thinking are achieved through a combination of psychological education and planned behavioral exercises. CBT is goal-driven and objective-oriented, with the psychologist or therapist taking a “teaching” and “coaching” role in order to assist the client in systematically developing and achieving realistic therapeutic outcomes.


At every step, the therapeutic process is explained in detail, collaborative, and technique-based (e.g., understanding, identifying, and challenging irrational thoughts; guiding ERP or exposure-based treatment, etc.).  In order to strengthen and enhance therapeutic gains outside of therapy, clients often undertake “homework” exercises between sessions.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
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